Rough Cut Films is an independent feature film company dedicated to producing appealing and original films.

Rough Cut Films was created by an industry professional who prides himself on his ability to create inventive and inspired material and to attract creative collaborators with an authentic voice. Rough Cut Films, with its expertise and technical infrastructure, also partners with other production companies to develop and produce projects across a wide range of genres.

Rough Cut Films is a young company with a firm understanding of the changes at work within the industry, especially within popular, classic, counter, urban, youth, and world cultures; and we bring that interest into each of our projects. Rough Cut Films recognizes the current creative imperative that is driving the paradigm shift away from large studios producing the most relevant films. This allows Rough Cut Films as an independent production company the unique opportunity to fill the content gap and focus on making movies with a "big studio" look for very low budgets.

Based in Chicago, Rough Cut Films was initially created to produce the film DEAD GIRLS [©2014], with scheduled  release in October 2014. That film was financed through our close personal and business network, and now we are moving forward towards making more macro- and low budget features through more traditional financial streams. We make genre films. While the big studios continue to adapt features from other media, the realist is that most of the time, movies with smaller budgets provide small and medium sized production studios with the most bang for their buck. Typical genres include: horror, thriller, action, comedy, and crime films. 

Whether focusing on films that highlight various social and cultural issues, or through producing the most lucrative genre projects for the commercial market, the principals at Rough Cut Films use their experience, determination, and innovative spirit to produce engaging material. These tenets are what makes Rough Cut Films a new and important voice in independent entertainment that reaches beyond the boundaries of tradition. 

 On the set of "Dead Girls."

On the set of "Dead Girls."